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“AGUACERO. Portraits of the planet that they called blue”

Climate change is real. Many of us will not be here to witness its worst effects, the impact of which will take place in the 2030s, 2040s and 2050s, but our children will. The development model based on fossil fuels has already served its purpose in the history of humanity, now is the time to accelerate the transition to cleaner energy to transform everything. We are the first generation to be aware of it and

the last to have the opportunity to do so.

Climate change is a threat to human rights. Increasing population and increasing scarcity of resources translate into wars and massive population displacements. The most vulnerable population on the planet will be the ones who will suffer the most serious consequences first. We have a moral responsibility to protect them. We need solutions that inspire, not problems.

Our vision of a sustainable future will only be realized through the actions we take now.

The intention of the project “AGUACERO. Portraits of the planet that they called blue ”, is to make a photo documentary that allows the community to become aware of the enormous fragility that characterizes the world's water wealth. To clarify the concept of photo documentary, the words of Francisco Birri can be taken up again: “It is simply going out with a camera and an audio recorder to meet the reality of the environment, to talk, to photograph faces, people, places, animals, plants but above all problems of the same habitat ”. With the result of this research we intend to offer viewers a visual and scientific sample of what we are obliged to deliver to future generations. Our goal is to create awareness, modify habits and teach those who still think that nature takes care of itself,

that environmental ethics is more than a concept, it is a responsibility.

Wild Photos Expedition: Proyectos
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