There is a $ 45 registration fee for each student at the time of registration. Students who suspend their lessons for more than one year must re-register.


• The Student or her representative must make monthly advance payments on time, otherwise they will not receive the corresponding class.
• Classes are paid monthly in advance.
• Payments are processed online
• Under no circumstances will the initial or monthly fee money be refunded.


• The student must arrive at least 10 minutes before his scheduled time.
• The student can modify his class after notifying the school not less than 72 hours before (to coordinate the availability of the instructor) Only if the schedule is going to be permanently changed.


• The student must notify 24 hours before his absence to class, otherwise it will be taken as a class seen. Notifications must be made from the student portal.
• The absence due to illness or causes beyond her control must be notified by a family member with their proper medical record so as not to be registered as class seen.
• Absences for medical reasons without records will be considered as a class seen.
• In case of illness or disabling condition or any circumstance of the teacher, the school may replace the teacher with one of the same level.


• The school may take photographs and record videos of the students with or without prior notice and be used for advertising purposes, promotions, galleries within our website and social networks.
• When enrolling, the teacher is setting aside a period of time exclusively for each student. Time to be spent in class outside of any distractions.
• It is mandatory to attend class, whether it is late or for any reason the student does not use the schedule assigned to that class will be considered a loss.
• As a courtesy to teachers, you will be grateful if you are unable to take your classes. This does not exempt you from the payment of the class. The teacher will be reserving that space for you.
• No class will be reassigned for activities that conflict with the agreed space. This includes school activities, sporting events, medical appointments, and birthdays.
• Vacations taken during the course time will not be made up without exceptions.
• Only in case of family emergency or in case of illness will concessions be made. In this case, the school will look for an available space where the student must retake that class.
• In the event that the student does not take advantage of this space, no other opportunities will be offered to make up the class. Only in case the teacher has to be absent, that class will be made up after agreeing on the day and time with the student.
• All programming is handled by the administration.
• The Terms and Conditions may change at any time.