Our work

The Visible Memory Foundation promotes changes in the language, imaginaries and attitudes that have historically established all types of violent behavior in the human mind. Considers that it is possible to develop a social intelligence, in which people have a renewed awareness about the impact of their actions, as well as new citizen habits for the management of conflicts where restoration and otherness converge.
For 9 years we have reached more than 900,000 people in 12 countries through our publications, photographic research and memory labs. Since 2010, we have worked with communities, at educational and family spaces to consolidate a "political culture of forgiveness and reconciliation" that invites to overcome the damage caused by the circular causality of violence among victims and victimizers.
This approach helps to minimize the generational impact that different expressions of violence have on the community. The aim is to establish pedagogical meeting spaces for the discussion and understanding of history, the instruments that come with it, and the ways in which subjects are actively or passively involved, so that forgiveness becomes a human right, indispensable for good living of individuals and for the full realization of human dignity.
Since our opening in 2000, Visible Memory Foundation has worked hard to advance our causes. While more can always be done to help those most in need within our community, there is no question that we are making a significant impact. See how you can become part of the difference.